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EPXBody offer's a unique way to earn cash back with your membership by simply sharing your experience of EPXBody with others, it's that simple. When you share EPXBody with other's, they are placed in a way that is attached to your personal account, giving you the opportunity to earn commissions when they make a purchase or renew their membership.

Simply refer others by giving out your unique website url, and if they join, we will track their orders back to your account and pay you a percentage of each sale. There are many way's to earn, and below is an overview of the top way's you can earn by referring others to the EPXBody opportunity.


Debt free Home Based Business Fast Start Bonus! Earn a 50% cash bonus every time you sign up someone with a minimum $40 product purchase!
80% Payout - EPX Body Compensation Plan Customer Bonus! Earn a 50% cash bonus on every product purchase that a customer makes.
EPXBody Cardio Guaranteed minimum check! Get your product FREE by enrolling as few as four people.
World Wide Shipping - 30 Countries Guaranteed income! Sponsor 5 people withinn your first 30 days and maintain at least 2 active for 6 months, and we guarantee that you will be earning at least $1000 per month or we will refund your money.
Home Based Business Tax Advantages Monthly Commission! Earn commission on all purchases made in your entire group whether they are made by someone you personally signed up or by anybody else in your matrix.
No Sponsorship requirements to profit Matching bonus! Earn a 25% check match on everyone you personally Sponsor and earn a 12% check match on 4 generations of Executives. Based on EPX Body 4x5 Hybrid Matrix.
Affordable Natural Products Rank Advancement Bonus! Cash Bonus

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The EPXBody™ money-back program guarantees your satisfaction. Our no risk refund policy allows you to obtain a full refund up to THIRTY days after you purchase one of our products. If you decide for any reason that you do not like the product give us a call. No questions asked & no risk to you - check your purchase Agreement for details.